Online In person Trainings

Why choose them?

We are all different and that is why I prefer to offer Online in person Training.

Those trainings are private and online, so you will have the advantages of online courses (flexibility, accessibility, reduced cost, etc.) without the disadvantages (isolation, lack of interaction, etc.).

Indeed, online trainings are great but when you have questions, you do not find in person instructor or do not receive immediate feedback. There is a lack of support and adaptability to participants.

Between watching a video course alone and doing a live training with an instructor (even online), there is no doubts what is best when it comes to learning.

With this form of training I can immediately answer your questions, adapt the program and the way of teaching to your specific needs and way of learning. This is a huge advantage.

How is it working? 

The trainings take place online, with Zoom - Messenger or Skype, at your pace.

First, we will meet to agree on the course of the training and set up a program adapted to your schedule.

Then we will meet on a regular basis until the end of the training.

Between our various sessions, I may give you some personal work. In general, these are simple and practical exercises, which allow you to integrate the knowledge presented during the course.

After the training, I will remain at your disposal to help you progress and answer questions that you may ask yourself following the application of the newly acquired knowledge.


- You are not dependent on imposed places or dates
- You learn at your own pace
- We will organize the meetings together so they fit your schedule
- You have acces to the training from wherever you live
- You can ask any question in person
- You get fast feedback
- We can focus on one point rather than another to meet your personal needs.



We all learned to speak, but speaking is not communicating. Getting a message across, providing clear advice, expressing what you want is more complicated than it seems.

This training allows you to discover and manage subconscious communication processes.

Teaching Yoga Nidra requires basic knowledge of the realm of the mind, knowing how it functions and how it is affected.

This training gives you the essential foundations and experience that will allow you to teach Yoga Nidra with complete confidence and awareness.